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300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes
By Karen Adler and Judith Fertig
ISBN: 0778802124
Publisher: Robert Rose
Publication date: May 2009
Format: Paperback
List price: $24.95 
Type: Barbecue
Sample recipe: Jamaican Jerk Chicken; Grilled Peaches with Buttery Amaretto Baste
Intended audience: novice advanced beginner good home cook gourmet professional
Apparent goal: stocking stuffer sampler comprehensive coffee-table Biblical stature
Competition: outclassed follower in the pack strong challenger likely champ
Variety: too little too much unusual nice mix just right
# of recipes: <50 <100 <200 <300 ≥300
Practical recipes: <20% <40% <60% <80% ≥80%
# of ingredients: ≤4 ≤7 ≤10 ≤12 >12
Ingredient hunt: 7-Eleven airfare required online pantry supermarket
Recipe complexity: too hard simple medium challenging professional
Instructions: inadequate verbose bare-bones full-figured educational
Time conscious: unconscious outright lies white lies realistic honorable
Cooking time: weekend project takes all day takes time ≥30 minutes <30 minutes
Added info: zip overwhelming scant balanced generous
Photos/drawings: none distracting decorative instructive glorious
Recipe results: ≤dorm food casual food family meals fancy food fit for royalty
Nutritional info: none overwhelming hit or miss adequate comprehensive
Format/Ease of Use
Layout: ugh cluttered fine considerate work of art
Legibility: unpleasant challenging tolerable clear brilliant
Production quality: cheesy dubious years of service gift quality stunning
Page numbers: non-existent hard-to-find spotty sufficient every page
Table of contents: AWOL frustrating passable useful excellent
Index quality: none tragic adequate good a treasure
Page flipping: upsetting tedious acceptable rare never
Writer: beginner food writer writing cook personality auteur
Cook: unknown self-taught chef teacher celebrity
Fulfills ambitions: falls short almost there satisfactory exceeds home run
Flavor delivered: sad inconsistent tasty delicious exceptional
Overall tone: sterile trying too hard straightforward best friend mom
Value: ouch! a little pricey worth splurging on the money a deal
Overall rating: skip it good very good excellent Ochef Top 100

Comments: We're nuts if we only grill burgers, steaks, and ribs. So much of the rest of the world has been grilling and cooking all kinds of foods over smoke or an open fire since, well,… always. Our grills should be making use of the flavors, ingredients, and techniques that the rest of the world knows and loves.

In general, this book is an effort to introduce Americans and Canadians to the flavors the rest of the world cooks over fire. We would have preferred more actual, traditional recipes to the author's fusion creations that blend flavors from here and there, but it is a big step in the right direction.

There is a little bit of fussiness – the reference to the "odd jar of cornichons left over from the last time you served pâté," for example. To whom are the authors speaking?

There are some other issues. A prawn that is grilled for 6 minutes is not going to keep cooking on its own for 5 minutes once removed from the heat. The authors don't know anything about working with lobsters if they suggest removing the claws and "head" with a knife. Light cream is not 5% butterfat, but averages 20%.

There is a some confusion about the temperature of cold smoking, which requires specialized equipment and really takes place below 85°F. The authors' reference to keeping below 225°F, is hotter than both cold smoking and hot smoking, and is just called cooking by most people.

Finally, with regard to smoking, was there no one through the entire editorial process with the courage to tell the authors that repeating the phrase "kiss of smoke" 9,462 times in one book would absolutely drive people mad?

Still, there is tons of good information, interesting flavor combinations, and loads of new grilling recipes – almost enough for a new recipe each day for a year.


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