Measuring Cups — Where Size Really Matters

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  Being English, I have no idea how big an American cup is! Is it closer in volume to my teacup or my coffee cup, or am I way out?

  Now, now, don't blame yourself — some things can't be helped. None of us can be held accountable for the place of our birth.

Your teacup is 25 percent smaller than our measuring cup (or 3/4 of our cup); your small coffee cup is only 1/3 of our measuring cup. Your breakfast cup or simply "cup" is 20 percent larger than our measuring cup (or 1-1/4 of our cups). Our measuring cup is meant to hold 8 fluid ounces.

And while you might think we'd find common ground with the pint, your pint (two cups) is 20 percent larger than our pint (two cups) — 20 ounces versus 16 ounces.

Your teaspoon and measuring tablespoon, by the way, are 50 percent larger than our teaspoon and tablespoon. We're starting to feel inadequate.