Trying to Find Raw Milk and Cream

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  I want to know where can I find fresh cream; the cream that is the top of non-homogenized cow's milk. 

  It is very difficult to find raw cream, which is not only not homogenized, but also not pasteurized. There is a great deal of concern that, no matter how careful a farmer is, harmful bacteria may be present in raw milk; hence there is a fairly wide-spread prohibition on raw milk and milk products.

In your state, Virginia, raw milk sales are illegal. And unfortunately, you are surrounded. It is also unavailable in neighboring Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Forty six of the states have adopted some portion of the federal government's Pasteurized Milk Ordinance as the basis of their laws, although currently, at least, in 32 states there is some provision for the sale of unpasteurized milk and/or cream. State-by-state information on the legal availability of raw milk, cream, and other milk products can be found at

Even where it is legal, however, it can be very hard to find. For instance, here in largely rural Maine, it is a challenge to find raw milk or cream. Dairy farmers may sell it directly, providing they don't advertise it. Retail stores also may sell it, providing the label clearly specifies "not pasteurized." But we know of only one farm about 30 miles away from us that sells raw cream. Maybe many others do as well, but are following the prohibition not to advertise.

If you live in a state that allows the sale of raw milk products, you could call the county extension service, a farmers' association (especially an organic farmers' association, if one exists), or nearby farms in your efforts to find out who has raw milk or cream for sale.

The sale of raw milk is illegal everywhere in Canada.