Where is Perkins' Heath Bar Pie?

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Why has Perkins Restaurants discontinued the best pie on its menu, the Heath Bar Pie? I am very disappointed.

Apparently you were not the only complainer. A Perkins spokeswoman recently sent us a message that, "While we did remove the pie from our offerings temporarily, we have brought it back into inventory."

Translated out of corporate speak, we assume that means: "We're so sorry you missed the delicious, mouth-watering Heath Bar Pie that so many our customers grew up with. Through a huge oversight on the part of one of our bean-counters, we inexplicably ran out of one of the world's great pies for a short while. But we like to invite you back so that you can reacquaint yourself with the pie of your dreams. Why not stop in tonight? Again, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience."

It always surprises us that corporate speak no longer includes the phrase, "We're sorry." It was nice, though, to get a response.