Perceptive Pets (and People) Searching for Buttermilk

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I have been searching for a baking product I used to use a lot — Saco Powered Buttermilk. My daughter and I enjoy trying new recipes, but hesitate using ones with buttermilk, as there is often too much waste. We tried giving it to the cats and the dog. No go. Normally they like milk, cheese, sour cream, even yogurt, but not buttermilk. Do you know where we can find this product? I am in Orlando, Florida.

One of our great failings is not knowing what’s available on every shelf of every grocery store in the country (much less the world). We can, however, report that Saco Cultured Buttermilk Blend is absolutely still on the market, and that, indeed, we have it hand on here in the Ochef test kitchen. The Saco Foods web site invites you and all seekers to call 1-800-373-7226 to find out where you can buy their products.

Saco also notes that its buttermilk powder is made from real buttermilk — the liquid left over after butter is churned — unlike the liquid buttermilk available in supermarkets, which is nonfat or skim milk inoculated with a bacteria to thicken it and give it a tangy flavor. Perhaps it is this rampant dishonesty on the part of America’s dairies that the cats and the dog object to, and not simply the flavor of the faux-buttermilk.