Is Broasted Chicken Fried Chicken?

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Is broasting a form of frying?

We thought we were clear before. Broast (Broaster, Brosterie, Brotisserie — we’re not making any of this up!) — like Slurpee, Kleenex, and Realtor — are entirely made-up words. Those words mean whatever their creators (generally marketing types) want them to mean. And those marketers register their made-up words with the federal government and send nasty letters and threaten lawsuits whenever they believe that their made-up words are being abused or the meaning of those words is being diluted.

In the case of broasting, the word refers to the process of marinating chicken in a special marinade sold by the Broaster Co., frying it under pressure in equipment sold by the Broaster Co., and then selling it to the public in establishments licensed by the Broaster Co.

But yes, for the public (like you) and the media (like us), who misuse trademarks all the time, broasting is a form of pressure-frying chicken.

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