Can I Cook and Freeze Seafood Lasagna?

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I am preparing a seafood lasagna — crab, lobster, white sauce, cheeses — for Christmas. Can I bake this ahead and freeze it? I've frozen lasagna before but never seafood lasagna.

We are not fans of twice-baked seafood. It is too easy to dry it out, make it tough, ruin it. And you know, you're going to want to serve a piping-hot lasagna to your guests, which means baking it thoroughly just before serving. Why would you find it necessary to bake it before it goes into the freezer? That's the step we would skip.

We would assemble the dish and pop it right into the freezer (even if some ingredients are warm). When it's time to serve — as long as it's not too big — we would probably take it right from the freezer and pop it in the oven, also skipping the thawing step. It should take an extra half hour or so to cook it through from the frozen state.

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