How Long Before Condensed Milk Loses its Luster?

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I have sweetened condensed milk on my shelf with an expiration date that is six months past. Is it safe to use?

We are of the opinion that sweetened condensed milk, with its monstrous sugar content, lasts forever. Of course it doesn't. It appears to us that most manufacturers give it a two-year shelf life — that is, the "best before" date is about two years from the time it hits the grocery shelves.

Condensed milk thickens and darkens as it ages, and the sugar crystals may become grainy, which can be unpleasant. It is likely that condensed milk six months past the "best before" date is safe to use, but if you have any doubts after opening the can or if it just looks too sludge-like, we would move on to a more recent vintage.

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