Can Spinach be Used in Leftovers?

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Is it OK to reheat and use leftover spinach at a later time? My husband and I were informed that this releases poisons. I cook large meals often and then freeze portions for consumption later. (In this way, my husband gets good food instead of fast food or cafeteria food for his lunches.) So I want to know if our informant was correct in the emphatic "wisdom" that was passed on. (Our informant is from Sweden — I don't know if that makes a difference or not.)

Oh, those wacky Swedes.* He or she was probably chuckling all the way back to Malmö. Did he or she also tell you that Swedish Fish are made in Canada and not even sold in Sweden???

Ok, that last part is true. But the spinach part is not true. As long as it is handled with common sanitary and food-safety practices, spinach will do you no harm (that applies to children, as well!) (Um, we mean that spinach will do children no harm, not that children will do you no harm, although we hope and expect that children will do you no harm. Um, never mind….)

By "common sanitary and food-safety practices," we mean washing the spinach thoroughly and not leaving it out at room temperature for more than two hours once it has been cooked. Cook your spinachy food and enjoy it. Divide and wrap up your leftovers and get them in the freezer within two hours, and your husband will continue to enjoy his home-cooked lunches for many years to come.

*Dear people from Sweden and people of Swedish heritage: Please do not write in complaining of our bitter sarcasm and half-witted attempts at humor. Please do not suggest that we need professional help from the psychological community. We get enough of that from the people of certain other countries (which shall remain nameless), whom we have apparently cut to the quick with our tedious and hurtful insults. For the record, we love Sweden, have greatly enjoyed our visits to Sweden, and look forward to future visits. We love every Swedish person we have ever met, and, although we haven't yet met them all, sincerely believe that we would love every or nearly every Swedish person, even those who spread lies to unsuspecting Americans about spinach. Really.

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