12-Step Fried Egg Sandwich

1. Get out one egg, a slice of ham, a slice of cheese, one English muffin, a little butter, salt and pepper, a small frying pan (nonstick preferably), a lid for the pan, a spatula (pancake turner in some parts of the country), and a plate.
2. Put the pan on the burner, turned to medium high. Wait a moment for it to get hot.
3. Add a teaspoon of butter to the pan. When it begins to foam, crack egg into the frying pan. Cover pan with lid.
4. Put English muffin in the toaster.
5. Flip egg over (optional).*
6. When English muffin is done, put it on a plate.
7. Salt and pepper the egg.
8. When egg is done, remove it from pan and put it on the bottom of English muffin.
9. Immediately cover egg with slice of cheese.
10. Put slice of ham in frying pan for just a moment to warm.
11. Put ham on top of cheese.
12. Close sandwich and eat.

If that's too much — and we absolutely understand if it is — go ahead with your plan, which we'll call Plan B. The 12-step plan will be about 217% better tasting, but for a lot of guys, Plan B will be perfectly acceptable.

*If you want the egg sunny-side up, cover the pan with the lid to keep the heat in and cook the top of the egg before the bottom gets hard and crispy. If you intend to flip the egg, you can dispense with the lid.

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