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How to Parboil without Winding Up in Jail

What is palboiling???

Palboiling, sadly, is homicide, and will get you 25 to life.

Parboiling is pretty much what it sounds like — partially cooking foods by boiling or at least simmering them. Dense vegetables (carrots, for example) that are to be added to a stir fry are often parboiled, so that when they are added to the wok, they cook through in roughly the same amount of time as lighter vegetables. Vegetables that are to be deep-fried are often given a head start by parboiling so that they are cooked to the center before their outsides are fried to a crisp. Grains that are going into a stew can be parboiled.

Parboiling is generally considered to be a notch or two up the cooking ladder from blanching.

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