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The Infinite Calculus of Salt and Pepper Shakers

 Which has more holes — the salt shaker or pepper shaker?

 Silly little Internet!*

Pose this question online, and you get 436,219 people's opinions on 11,694 different web sites on why the salt (no! the pepper!) shaker has more (no! fewer!!) holes — and worse, they all insist on telling you how they reached these amazing conclusions.

Go to an actual source — say, the people who have been making Lenox china since 1889 — and they'll tell you that, when there is a difference, the salt shaker has more holes.

Yes, blah, blah, blah, a pepper mill is a wonderful thing, and yes, blah, blah, blah, a salt cellar can be very sophisticated, etc., etc. But there does come a time when you're confronted with a salt shaker and a pepper shaker on the same table, and, if the number of holes are different, it might be nice to have a sporting chance at knowing which is which.

*OK, yes, it has not escaped our attention that Ochef is, indeed, on the silly little Internet, and that, yes, we can be long-winded at times. But our goal is to provide factual information based on focused research, reasoned opinions based on experience, and perhaps a hint of humor, not endless speculation and blather….

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