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The Sub-Species of the Swedish Fish

Is the green Swedish Fish supposed to taste like lime or green apple? This has been a lifelong family mystery. Perhaps you could help us to settle the feud!

You know there are some days when we wonder, is it really worth it, this business of answering people's food and cooking questions? Are we making a difference? Are we helping people gather around the communal table a little more often to break bread and reflect on the events of the day? Are we, in fact, tackling those questions that not only settle family feuds, but actually bring friends and relatives closer together?

Then we remember that much of the world is counting on us as a leading authority on the subject of Swedish Fish — and that only a few short years ago (when we got our first Swedish fish question), we thought the person was asking about herring. No, even in the midst of infrequent but crushing loads of self-doubt, we will soldier on, answering those tough Swedish Fish questions (and any others that strike our fancy).

Feud no longer. The answer is: lime. Now let's all have a group hug!

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