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Can you Find Cream of Tartar without GPS?

I was reading the info about what cream of tartar is and where can you find it, but it does not answer the question where can you find it (in the supermarket). I have been looking for it like crazy and don't know where to buy it or in what section of the supermarket to look for it. I also don't know what it looks like — if it comes in a box, bag, or plastic.

Cream of tartar is a fine white powder that is sold in the baking aisle in the spice/herbs/flavorings section of your supermarket. It is packaged in little plastic or glass bottles, just like the spices. You may also find it in bulk bags in some natural foods stores and specialty markets.

Online, it is available at quite a price in multiple small-quantity containers, or very affordably in small quantities in low-brow packaging, in large jars, or in bulk.

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