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Is Apricot Nectar Worth that Second Mortgage?

†Why is apricot nectar not being stocked in grocery stores and supermarkets? I need a 46 ounce can of apricot nectar for a dessert recipe and can't find it — only in small amounts at 89 cents a bottle or can. I think not at that price!!!

†Apricot nectar doesn't grow on trees, you know. Well, OK, maybe it does — more or less. But here are the issues: First of all, fruit juice is never inexpensive. Second, juice from less mainstream fruits — including apricots — is even more expensive. Third, when a juice company calls its juice nectar, it's going to charge even more for it.

Finally, apricot nectar is not like Mountain Dew. Teenagers are not chugging it. Construction workers donít down a few cans at lunch. The boys don't crack open a 12-pack for a poker game. Most grocery stores are not going to dedicate lots of space — or even a little space — to a such a limited seller, and they're certainly not going to stock it in a variety of sizes. Apricot nectar is pretty rare and you're fortunate to have found it at all.

Your best bet for a large quantity of apricot nectar is likely to be a health food store or natural/organic market, such as Whole Foods or Wild Oats. But — no surprise — neither is going to be cheap!

We have come across a variety of bottles and cans of apricot nectar on line and in grocery stores. The least expensive is about $4 for the amount you need, but just as you found, in most cases it's at least $5 and easily gets up above $7.

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