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Turning the Heat Up on Crisco (and Lard)

What is the melting point for lard (Crisco)?

You do see the conundrum you've placed us in, don't you? We desperately want to make fun of you, but don't know how you'll take it. (We've sworn a solemn vow not to make fun of people who are particularly sensitive, and we're just not sure about you.)

Lard, which is rendered and clarified pork fat, melts around 86F (30C). Crisco, which used to be hydrogenated vegetable shortening*, melts between 117F and 119F (47C and 48C).

*Since it was created in 1911, Crisco has always been a brand name (sort of short for "crystallized cottonseed oil," which is what Crisco was originally), but about ninety-nine percent of the population of the United States** knew it as the generic name for solid vegetable shortening. The Crisco brand now includes a host of products, including corn oil, olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, and baking sprays, as well as the vegetable shortening in a can and in sticks.

**You were in the other one percent — among a small subgroup that thought Crisco came from piggies.

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