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The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Fish

Whenever I fry fish fillets they always turn out very wet inside. How do I get them to turn out dry and flaky inside?

Overcook them. Most of the world is trying to get their fish to the point of slight moisture, just before it is flaky, and, therefore, overdone.

Granted, there is a pretty fine line between undercooked and overcooked fish, and often, it just takes some experience to know the difference. But you can always use the blade of a knife to pry up a piece of fish (preferably at the thickest part) to see if it's too wet, just done, or beginning to flake — and therefore whether it needs a little more cooking or not.

If, in your case, the outside of the fish is constantly getting done while the inside is still not cooked, you may have to use a lower temperature for slightly more time, to allow the heat to reach the center of the fish before the outside is overdone.

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