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Yearning to Get those Eggs Back into their Shells

I just cracked 11 eggs and beat them up for eggnog, but the person that normally drinks the eggnog was called out of town and will not be back for about a month. My question is, can I freeze the beaten eggs.

You make an eleven-egg nog for one person? That's pretty generous.

Even though we are not as terrified by raw eggs as much of the rest of the world, we would not use anything but the freshest eggs (preferably from a known source) for eggnog. It might even be a situation where we would splurge on the purchase of pasteurized eggs — as much for the peace of mind of our guests as for any extra degree of safety.

You can freeze eggs, and mixing them with the sugar for the eggnog before freezing would help them be less gelatinous once thawed. But freezing, thawing them in the refrigerator for a day or two, etc., will leave you with eggs that are not as fresh as you want for eggnog. And it is quite likely that the eggs would pick up some off flavors from storage and thawing in the freezer and refrigerator.

We suggest omelets for four or five (an amazingly simple, but slightly showy presentation for breakfast or brunch), a lovely frittata, or even just a mess o' scrambled eggs.

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