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How to Thaw Corn Chowder

 I made a large batch of Corn and Turkey Chowder with lots o' cream in it. (I subscribe to the Julia Child theory that enough cream and/or butter in everything makes it taste much better....) My husband froze the leftovers, and I am wondering if the chowder will be good when thawed.

 Let's see. You have a delicious chowder with lots of cream in it, a healthy attitude towards ingredients with flavor, AND a husband evolved enough to actually put something in the freezer — and you’re asking us if you might have a problem??? We think you're doing just fine.

It is possible that your chowder may have separated a bit in the freezing-thawing process. You might be able to stir it together as you reheat it. If it still seems a bit unpalatable, you can stir in a little roux or a little corn starch mixed with water or milk or cream. Either one should thicken it and bring it together so that it will be delicious, whereupon you can serve it to you and your husband, all the while thinking, "wow, I must be doing something right...."

(In general, corn-based chowder has such a delicate flavor, it doesn't hold up well to freezing. If it has been frozen for very long at all, it is likely to taste harsh. You'll be much better off freezing just the corn and using it to make chowder here and there throughout the year.)

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