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Should Corn be Refrigerated?

I left corn on the cob in its husk out of the refrigerator for two days. Can it still be eaten?

Corn is not going to rot on your kitchen counter in two days time. If you're concerned about food safety, don't be. Corn doesn't need refrigeration to be "safe."

Whether you'll want to eat it is another question. If you purchased a traditional variety of sweet corn, quite a bit of its sugar will have converted to starch by now, so it may not have much or any of the sweet corn taste you want. If it is one of the supersweet varieties, it may still be sweet and flavorful.

Unless you got the corn directly from a farmer, though, there's no way of knowing how long it has been since the ears were cut, so it may have been on your counter for two days and in transit for three days before that. There's just no way to know. It would have been best if you had refrigerated the corn as soon as you got it home (we assume there was some compelling reason you didn't eat it the day you bought it), but that didn't happen, and now you have a bundle of iffy corn.

Your corn is safe. The only way to find out if it's still flavorful is to cook it and have a bite. We hope it's still delicious!

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