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Can You Put Just-Cooked Corn in the Freezer?

Corn cooked on the cob and cut off the cob was put in the freezer still hot. Will the corn be all right to eat, or should it all be thrown away?

The reason one does not put hot food in the freezer is that it introduces unwanted heat into a space that is working like mad to keep itself really cold. If you put a huge amount of hot food into a freezer, you might have to worry about some nearby items thawing, or how long the freezer will take to get back to its normal operating temperature.

While we are sometimes tolerant of putting something hot in the refrigerator, we do not approve of the same practice with regard to the freezer. In fact, as a rule of thumb, you should not add more than 2 pounds of food per cubic foot of freezer capacity per day — and the food you add should not be hot.

In your case, however, putting hot corn in the freezer will not have harmed the corn or caused it to be unsafe. In general, the faster you get a food out of the United States Department of Agriculture's well-known danger zone — 40F (5C) to 140F (60C) — the better off you are. That's why people often cool a stew or casserole in a container of ice water before putting it in the refrigerator or freezer.

It would have been best if you had plunged the corn in ice water after cooking, It is more likely to be mushy if it cools slowly. But that is no longer an issue for you. Cook and enjoy.

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