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†What is single cream?

†See, you type the words "single" and "cream" (without the quotation marks and without the "and") into the search box on just about any Ochef page*, and you find the answer, What are Double Cream and Single Cream? (the top response on the list).

That way, you don't have to use your precious time writing us questions we answered five years ago, and we don't have to wonder if the whole Internet searching thing is just so complicated that people would rather spend their time asking the same questions over and over and over....

Seriously, if there are things we should do to make our archive easier to search, please let us know. Otherwise we'll assume Google knows what it is doing, and mock you over and over and over....

*Or click on the Ochef Archive link on the old-style pages we are still working to update, and fill in the search box on the Archive page.

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