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Keeping Cookies from Going Flat

 My cookies are coming out flatter than pancakes.... I moved from Houston to Phoenix but have noticed that in both locations they come out flat instead of nice, thick, soft, warm cookies.... What am I doing wrong? The flavor is still great but they're still flat....

 So the change in location made no difference at all? You're just letting us know that you moved? Well,... thanks.

The most likely culprit of your cookies' flatness is weak, aged, feeble baking powder or baking soda. Both lose their leavening effectiveness over time, especially if they have been exposed to heat and moisture. Whichever you use in your cookie recipe, you should just invest in a new package and see if that doesn't make all the difference.

One simple step you can take to produce taller cookies is to cool the dough before you scoop it onto the cookie sheet. If you put cool cookies in the oven, they will start to set up before they spread out all over the place. Also make sure your cookie sheets are room temperature or cooler before you add the dough. Cool them between batches. Don't grease the cookie sheets, and wipe off any butter or oil before doing a second batch.

There are other more drastic steps you can take to produce a taller cookie, but they mostly relate to the composition of your recipe. If there's liquid in the recipe, replace it with egg (a large egg is 3 tablespoons, so use the correct amount to retain the balance of liquid). Egg will help the cookie set up, while milk, cream, or water help it spread.

Using less sugar will keep the cookie from spreading so much. Using cake flour instead of all-purpose will do the same. And, you will never hear this from us, but using shortening instead of or in place of some butter will also produce a thicker cookie. Needless to say, any of these modifications will have some impact on the taste of your cookie.

To us, taste is paramount but texture is very important, too. We're hoping it's just an ineffective baking powder/soda issue you're dealing with....

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