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Making a Mousse out of Chantilly Cream

 When making Chantilly cream, my recipe says to beat in one egg white. My question is, is the egg white safe to eat if it is not cooked on the stove?

 Please refer to one of our many answers on egg-white safety.

And Chantilly cream does not include an egg white, no matter what your recipe says. Chantilly cream is lightly beaten whipped cream that "barely mounds, and still flows — if quite heavily — from the whisk or beater." So says Madeleine Kamman, whose encyclopedic The New Making of a Cook has sadly gone out of print but should be on the shelf – or, because of its heft, in the weight room – of every serious cook.

Your recipe writer is sneakily inducing you to make a mousse, which often includes both meringue and Chantilly cream.

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