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The Search for Mussels Pernod

Have you ever heard of Mussels Pernod? It's in a red sauce, and the restaurant where I had it has since closed. I wouldn't know where to begin in trying to make it, but it is wonderful with a loaf of fresh bread for dipping and a bottle of wine.

We do indeed know of a mussels recipe that makes good use of the anise-flavored Pernod liqueur. It also includes tomatoes, but whether it is the recipe you recall from the unnamed restaurant is uncertain.

We actually know of another Pernod-mussels recipe (also including tomatoes), but it involves a fairly involved process of making shrimp stock, and we just don't know how committed you are to finding the right Mussels Pernod. If the linked recipe doesn't fit the bill let us know, and we'll bring out the shrimp-stock-based big guns.

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