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The Hunt for Chocolate Condensed Milk

Wife has found a recipe calling for sweetened condensed chocolate milk; we cannot find it anywhere. We would like to see if you may have a way to make it?

Eagle-brand, started by Borden's, now owned by Smucker's, did produce a chocolate condensed milk, but it was discontinued some years ago, presumably because of the difficulty of maintaining supermarket shelf space.

To make your own, you certainly don't want to add more sugar to the condensed milk. Our suggestion is to add either two ounces (two squares) or unsweetened baking chocolate or three tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa to a can (14 ounce) of condensed milk.

We would melt the chocolate and warm the condensed milk to make them mix together more easily. If using cocoa, we would warm the condensed milk to help dissolve and integrate the cocoa more easily.

Wife almost certainly thanks you for your efforts.

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