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A Secret Marinade for Venison

Do you know what Karringmelk is — how to make it, find it, buy it, etc.? I have a venison recipe that calls for this ingredient as a marinade? Help!

Even though most of the Dutch speak English as well or better than a lot of native-born Americans we know, they will insist on maintaining their own language. Some kind of cultural identity thing or other — you know how people are.

Our Dutch speaking skills are practically worthless (OK, totally worthless), but we believe karringmelk is a misspelling or archaic spelling of karrigmelk, which is either an old Dutch spelling or an Afrikaans spelling of karnemelk, which is simply buttermilk.

Venison is often soaked in salted water, milk, buttermilk, or vinegar to remove blood from the flesh. It is also not uncommon to find buttermilk-based venison marinades.

Why on earth do you have a Dutch (or Afrikaans) ingredient in your venison marinade recipe?

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