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Should Corn on the Cob Age on the Grill?

Should you cook corn on the cob, without husk, for one hour? My husband insists that corn needs to cook for one hour. I said no, about fifteen minutes.

It may just be your husband's clever way of saying, "aw gee, honey, I'm no good in the kitchen. Why don't you just take care of it, and I'll get out of your way and sit here quietly in front of the television, which happens to be showing a ball game huh, what are the chances? And, by the way, could you get me a cold one?"

We at Ochef get emails of disgust when we suggest a person might like to cook corn for, say, 8 minutes in boiling water. Way, way too long, they say. The truth is, different people like their corn cooked to different degrees ranging from virtually uncooked to mush. We have suggested cooking time ranges for different methods: steaming, boiling, roasting, grilling, pressure cooking, etc. Honestly, the longest time we've come up with is 30 minutes for various oven-roasted or grilled methods.

Yes, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste, but surely no one cooks corn for an hour.

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