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What are Skirt & Shell Steaks?

†Can you tell me what a skirt steak is? Or a shell steak? What type of cut are they, should they be cooked over high or low heat? I have seen the skirt steaks in the stores, but have not tried them because I think they are a lower grade of steak. Am I right?

†Donít you think itís a little needy to want to be right all the time?

A skirt steak is a lesser cut. It is the cowís diaphragm muscle, and is cut from the flank. It is a long, flat piece of meat, with a tendency toward toughness. But it has good flavor. It can be grilled or pan fried quickly with good results. Another traditional method is to stuff it, roll it, and braise it. The skirt steak is often used to make fajitas.

Cuts of meat and their names can vary from region to region, and the shell steak is a prime example. It can be either a boneless club steak or a New York steak. Both come from the short loin of the beef, and therefore are tender, and both are flavorful. Neither is a low-grade steak, however. They should be grilled, broiled, or pan fried.

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