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Can You Inject Meat with Dry Spices?

 I was wondering if there is an injection needle you can use for injecting meat with dry spices.

 We think there's a patent waiting out there somewhere with your name on it!

Actually, there are a couple of injectors already on the market that come with special needles or plungers, to give you the flexibility to inject something other than marinades. One, the Progressive International 4 in 1 Flavor Injector, includes a needle for injecting liquids, and a barrel for injecting stuffing, custard, jelly, and other pastes and spices. The Bayou Classic 5011 2-oz. Stainless Steel Seasoning Injector, comes with a solid needle for liquids, and a perforated one for minced herbs.

The problem we see, though, is that when you inject a meat with a liquid marinade, the liquid flows away from the injector deeper and deeper into the meat. It trickles through little spaces between the cells and flows from cell to cell by osmosis. Dry spices will not flow as a liquid does, but will clump up in whatever spots you force them. Yes, they will eventually dissolve somewhat from the moisture present in the meat, but if you inject too much spice, it may stay more or less where you injected it, leaving pockets that are overspiced.

The best course is probably to insert the plunger here and there, and inject the spices as you withdraw the plunger, filling the length of the plunger hole with the spices so that they are reasonably well spaced. Either that, or dissolve the spices in water or a flavorful liquid, and inject as you would with any liquid. Of course, in that case, your question is moot.

OK, we guess that patent has somebody else's name on it already….

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