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Waiter, My Greek Yogurt is Way Too Thick

 The "Greek yogurt" sold by a local Greek grocery is almost as thick as cream cheese and tastes more like cream cheese than cream cheese.
1. Is that what you mean by "thick?"
2. Is there a trick to mixing in milk or cream to thin it?

 If you don't like Greek yogurt, for heaven's sake, don't spend the extra money for it and then thin it. Buy a swishy yogurt you like and are used to and stick with it.

One of the primary selling points of Greek yogurt is that it has been drained of more whey than most other yogurts. That is why it is thicker and also one reason it costs more. Of course you can thin it with milk, but,… well, refer to the paragraph above.

And it tastes more like cream cheese than cream cheese? Oh, puh-lease! We appreciate a little exaggeration and hyperbole around here, but you have crossed the line….

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