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Is a Smoked Ham a Cooked Ham?

If a ham is smoked does that mean it is precooked?

Not necessarily. Most hams are cured (to many people that's what makes the back leg of a pig a ham). Then they can be smoked or not. They can be boned or partially boned or not. They can be cooked or partially cooked or not.

Cooked hams have been cooked to an internal temperature of at least 148F (65C). They are kept refrigerated, but may be eaten at room temperature or warmed to 120F to 140F (50C to 60C). Partially cooked hams have been heated to an internal temperature of 137F (58C), which kills certain harmful organisms. Both partially cooked and uncooked hams should be cooked to 150F (66C) before they are served.

You have to read the label carefully to know what you're getting in a ham and to know what steps you need to take to prepare it.

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