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Knowing When Your Eggs Have Gone to the Devil

My deviled eggs froze — are they ruined?

The devil, you say?

Freezing seldom makes food unsafe, so the most expedient way to find out if your eggs have gone to the devil is to brush up your devil-may-care attitude and have a bite of one of your formerly frozen deviled eggs.

They certainly are not spoiled (assuming they were handled safely before and after freezing). They certainly would be acceptable as food (in terms of nutrition). The egg white is likely to be a little more rubbery than you'd like and the yolk mixture may be a bit crusty. They may have absorbed off-flavors if they were not segregated from other foods and well sealed. It is quite possible no one will notice.

We doubt your eggs have actually danced with the devil. Serve them to your family, and if they grumble, let them know that the devil is in the details if they don't distract you quite as often, you'll remember not to freeze the eggs. And if you serve them to guests at a special meal and they grumble, you can shrug, smile, and say, "the devil made me do it."

Then be sure to look busy, because as we all know, idle hands are the devil's workshop.

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