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 Gotta have it! – the offset spatula with the white handle that you show in What is a dog-leg, dogleg, dog leg, offset, gooseneck spatula? Can you tell me who makes this lovely tool? Thank you!

 Dear folks:

We don't encourage people to spend their money willy-nilly, to fill their kitchens to overflowing with the newest, single-purpose gadgets, and especially to go into hock for über-fancy stainless-steel equipment when people have been turning out wonderful meals for hundreds of years with a couple knives, a few pans, and a stove.

But, when we mention products, we try to do a good job of pointing readers to a convenient source for those products. And yes, if you are going to spend your money, we are likely to point you to a source where we get a commission, which very often is

So, in your case, if you click on either the photo of the spatula or the hyperlink (offset spatula) you are whisked as if by magic to the page at where the Kaiser Bakeware Patisserie Stainless-Steel Icing Spatula is offered for sale.

If you come across a tool at Ochef that does not have some kind of hyperlink, feel free to let us know and we will try to find a source for you. Otherwise, click madly on anything even remotely resembling a hyperlink and we hope you will be rewarded with an opportunity to open your wallet and stock up your kitchen.

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