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Three Simple Rules for Hanging a Pot Rack

 Where is the proper place to hang a hanging pot rack? I do not have a island. Would it be over the stove or elsewhere close to the stove? I have been staring at this thing since I got it for Christmas and my father is coming around next week and will freak if I do not have it hanging. I guess it cost a lot of money.

 There is one rule about where to hang a pot rack: do not hang it where people are going to bump their heads into the hanging pans. That may sound obvious, but you would be surprised. Unless you have a big island or a high ceiling, people can easily bump their heads into pots and pans whenever they lean in over the island or counter. The solution is to mount the rack high enough or far enough from the edge of a work area so that tall people won't bump, but you can still reach the shortest pan. If you are "height challenged" that could be a problem.

There is a second rule, and that is, don’t hang it over or particularly close to the stove. The pans can get hot. The pans will get greasy, and what is the benefit of having your pots out within easy reach if you have to clean them every time before you use them?

Finally, of course, your pot rack must, must, must be hung securely. You have to screw or bolt them into joists or studs (do you have a stud finder?). Do not use drywall expanders or any other mounting hardware that relies on the strength of drywall. If you don't want to bump into a pan or two, you certainly don't want them crashing down upon your head or even kitchen counter or floor. A loaded pot rack can do a lot of damage.

OK, apparently there are three rules about hanging pot racks.

Call your father before he leaves home, tell him how much you love the pot rack, explain the location dilemma you've been facing, and ask for his help in situating and even hanging the pot rack (unless he's the kind who only makes these sorts of things worse…). Generally, hanging a pot rack is a two-person job anyway.

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