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Valentine's Day Chicken for a Fussy Eater

 I am very picky about what I eat; the only meat I eat is chicken, and I don't like very many vegetables. However I want to cook a romantic meal for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day (he will eat anything). I want it to be fancy looking, but not fancy tasting. Is there a chicken meal that will satisfy us both?

 Boy, you're quite a catch, aren’t you? Actually we are familiar with challenges of being or having a fussy eater, and people who can – and do – eat everything often don't realize how blest they are.

How about trying Julee Rosso's recipe for Honey of a Hen?, which is flavored with lemon, mint (or rosemary) and honey – and has none of those pesky vegetables. Rosso says it's a perfect Valentine's Day dish.

It involves a process you may not be familiar with, of sliding lemon slices between the skin and meat of the chicken. It really is possible to slide your fingers underneath the skin without tearing it and create enough room for the lemon slices. It feels a little weird, but that's what soap and hot water is for. The same process has long been used to smear butter on the meat (a practice frowned upon these days), or to slip in truffles (in very fancy cooking), or mushroom duxelles, etc.

Of course you'll want to serve a pretty salad along with the chicken, and perhaps some dinner rolls, and follow it with a special dessert. If you play your cards right, you may escape those vegetables altogether.

Suggested Recipe: Honey of a Hen

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