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What to Do with Leftover Tomato Paste

 Can you send me a pasta sauce recipe for using up 6 tablespoons of leftover tomato paste that was stored covered in its can for 3 weeks? It is still good. I understand it is concentrated tomatoes. Thanks for your suggestions and/or recipe.

 You are going to be sorry you asked. First, though, to what tomato-based sauce can you not add a little extra tomato paste? You just want to be sure you have enough sauce and flavor to assimilate the sweetness of that amount of tomato paste. If the sweetness seems pervasive once you add the paste to a sauce, you could add a bit of beef stock to bring the flavors back into balance.

But getting back to that "sorry you asked" comment, it's all a matter of perception. The recipe we found is a classic Italian sauce that takes a bit of time and includes a number of ingredients. You'll love the results if you're willing to make the effort.

Our only concern is that you're going to write back in three weeks asking for a recipe that uses 14 leftover sprigs of Italian parsley or half a bottle of dry white wine.

Suggested Recipe: Spaghetti Al Sugo "Metà e Metà" [Spaghetti with "Half and Half" Sauce]

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