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Does Escoffier Make Matignon-Stuffed Artichokes?

 I was reading about matignon on your site, and noticed that there is a side dish that involves artichoke hearts stuffed with the matignon. I was looking to see if there is a recipe in Escoffier's "Le Guide Culinaire."

 And what did you find? Don't keep us hanging, man! Is there a recipe in Escoffier's cookbook for matignon-stuffed artichoke hearts? … Ah, so you don't know. You wondered, but we have to do the legwork, is that it? Same-o, same-o…

Well, the good chef loved artichoke "bottoms," and loved to use them as garnishes, filled with eggs, vegetables, and sauces. He used them in soups, chopped up in vegetable mixtures, puréed and used as a spread.

Escoffier stuffs them with duxelles; peas; lettuce; onion, spinach and garlic; covers them with a variety of sauces, and garnishes them with asparagus, potatoes, and other vegetables. He uses them extensively to garnish every type of meat.

But we do not find, in the 2973 recipes of The Escoffier Cookbook and Guide to the Fine Art of Cookery any recipe where he stuffs artichokes with matignon. Must be someone else….

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