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How Do You Make Glace de Viande?

GLACE DEVION? I believe it is a further reduction from a demi-glace. I am not sure I am spelling it right.

How about glace de viande or meat glaze? It is actually not as far down the road as (and one slight detour to the left of) demi-glace.

Demi-glace is the drastic reduction of equal measures of brown (or Espagnole) sauce and brown stock, with sherry added at the end. Glace de viande is simply brown stock reduced until it "coats a withdrawn spoon," to quote Escoffier, which is to say, reduced by half or more.

Nowadays we refer to beef stock and think we're pretty special if we make one from scratch. Brown stock, or estouffade is the more complex precursor to beef stock. Escoffier's recipe includes lots of beef and veal, a little ham and pork rind, carrots and onions browned in butter, and celery, parsley, thyme and bay leaf. (The other brown stocks were brown veal stock and brown game stock. The white stocks were white veal stock, poultry stock, and white fish stock.)

To transform brown stock into glace de viande, Escoffier wants you to boil it and transfer the stock to smaller and smaller pots as it is reduced, straining it through fine cloth each time.

He says, "The various glazes of meat, fowl, game, and fish are merely stock reduced to the point of glutinous consistency. Their uses are legion. Occasionally they serve in decorating dishes with a brilliant and smooth coating which makes them appetizing; at other times they may help to strengthen the consistency of a sauce or other culinary preparation, while again they may be used as sauces proper after they have been correctly creamed or buttered."

However you spell it, glace de viande is pronounced more or less the way you wrote it, with a fairly clear "d" at the end.

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