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What Is the Measure DSP All About?

 What does the measurement dsp stand for? I know that it is 10 ml, but I'd never heard of dsp until I bought some really cool measuring spoons. It looks to be the size that I always thought was a tablespoon, so the 15 ml tablespoon looks quite huge.

 You are the proud owner of a dessertspoon. Even as one word, the name obviously won't fit on the handle, so it had to be abbreviated somehow.

A dessertspoon is an English measuring spoon, and you're right, it is equivalent to 10 milliliters. An American teaspoon is 5 ml, so your dessertspoon is equal to 2 American teaspoons. It takes a third teaspoon to equal the (15 ml) American tablespoon.

On either side of the dessertspoon, the British have their teaspoon, at 1.5 of our teaspoons (or 7.5 ml) and the measuring tablespoon, at 1.5 of our tablespoons, or 22.5 ml.

There are 29.573529687517038 ml in 1 ounce, so these figures are not exact. But you get the idea….

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