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Indian Bread for a Thai Dessert – How Hard Is That?

 Do you know how to make Rotees or Roties? They are an Indian dessert that we actually had in Thailand. They are made of some type of fried bread and then filled with bananas and topped with sweetened condensed milk and sugar. Pure heaven! The problem is, I can't figure out the recipe for the bread. I've tried several variations and none are right, but I'm craving these!

 That's like asking if we know how to make beans. Actually it is broader than asking if we know how to make beans. As a generic term, roti is the overarching word for bread in India, and can be used to mean any (flat)bread.

There are thousands of recipes for roti, and who is to say what recipe your Thai rotis were based upon? We will point you toward one of the most generic rotis – nothing but flour and water – and you can resume your hunt for the perfect dressed-up Thai roti from there.

Suggested recipe: Roti

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