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How to Freeze Bananas

 Can bananas be frozen for later use in baking?

 Do you not remember the chocolate-covered frozen bananas of your childhood?

What's that? It was only our childhood? Well, you missed out on something special! And the point is, yes, you can successfully freeze bananas, and, no, they don't have to be dipped in chocolate (sigh…).

You can easily freeze bananas for later use. You can peel them and freeze them in chunks on a baking sheet, storing them in sturdy plastic bags when frozen. They will keep their quality for three or four months.

You can puree them by hand or in a food processor or blender, adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid mixed in a tablespoon of water per cup of banana – essentially per large banana – to prevent browning. Frozen this way, they will retain full-banana-quality for four months.

You can also freeze bananas in the peel, sealed in freezer bags. In the peel, they hold their quality for only about two months.

Whichever method you choose, they will be fine for use in breads, cookies, muffins, or other baking projects.

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