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When Spelling Counts with Salmon

How do I make gravlux?

At least in this country you spell it with an "a" where each vowel goes gravlax and then you easily find a good recipe for it.

We are almost always grateful to Google for suggesting correct or alternate spellings ("Do you mean XXXX?"). Almost invariably we did mean XXXX and simply mistyped our search query. Unfortunately Ochef does not have access to Google's engineers or synonym and misspelling dictionaries. And while we do use Google's search engine on Ochef, it does not recognize gravlux as a misspelling, mistyping, or legitimate alternative for gravlax.

We have seen gravlax spelled with a u in place of the final a, and are not meaning to imply that you have made any kind of mistake. But you also don't get much of a response from the search engines unless you spell it the way they want.

Suggested Recipe: Gravlax

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