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How to Preserve Eggs

 Is there a way to dehydrate eggs at home? I have recently been gifted with 12 dozen eggs and wish to preserve them. Any suggestions?

 Wow, that's gross! ... Gross, get it…? Oh, never mind.

Eggs in the shell typically have a refrigerated shelf life of up to 60 days. Can you not find a way to use 2.4 eggs a day?

There is no practical way to dehydrate eggs at home. Your only real option for keeping eggs is to freeze them, and that involves certain concessions. You should also freeze them now, while they are fresh. Just as you would not freeze older fruits or vegetables, you should not freeze aged eggs.

Now, as to those concessions, you cannot freeze eggs in their shells – they will break as the egg expands. You can separate the whites and yolks and freeze the whites as they are, in an airtight container with a little room for expansion. The yolk on its own will be hard and pasty after it is thawed, however, so you must add a teaspoon of salt or a teaspoon of honey or sugar to each cup of yolks being frozen. (There are approximately a dozen yolks in a cup, and they need to be broken up and mixed thoroughly with the salt, honey, or sugar.)

If you want to keep the yolk and white together, you must scramble the eggs and still must add the salt or sweetener. There are about five whole eggs in a cup. You can store them in bulk, or put 3 tablespoons in each compartment of an ice-cube tray, freeze them, then collect them in a freezer bag. Each egg cube is approximately one whole egg. If you freeze whites and yolks separately, use 1 tablespoon of yolk and 2 tablespoons of white to reconstitute one whole egg.

The eggs will need to be defrosted before you use them, and the time will vary depending on the quantity you are defrosting. Count on a good 9 hours in the refrigerator. You should use the frozen eggs within six months.

The most important thing is to label the containers of yolks or blended eggs as being salty or sweet, so that you don't have a huge disappointment when you get around to using your bounty of eggs.

The other option is to make colored Easter eggs for every child you know or make a few dozen cakes in the next few weeks and attend a lot of bake sales.

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