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Choosing the Best Potatoes for Potato Salad

 Please tell me what would be the best choice for a potatoe to be used for potatoe salad?

 Um, we don't mean to be the least bit nosy, but you don't happen to be a former United States vice president, do you? Ah, never mind.

You want a potato that holds its shape when cooked* – a "waxy," boiling, or low-starch potato. Generally red-skinned potatoes are a safe bet.

The French, whose potato-salad heritage stretches back a long way, have traditionally preferred starchy potatoes for their salads. Vive la différence!

There are so many other variables and sources of contention in the making of potato salad – hot vs. cold; boiled vs. roasted vs. microwaved; mayonnaise vs. oil and vinegar; chopped vs. sliced vs. crumbled; cooked whole vs. sliced then cooked (oh, yes! – it was Julia Child's method); French vs. German vs. Italian vs. American vs. Indian vs. Peruvian; and so on and so on – that we'll just address one issue here and get to some of the others when we have more fortitude.

*Southerners, many of whom have always liked their vegetables cooked to death, may also prefer potato salad recipes that call for mashed or smashed potatoes, that are particularly good at holding the dressing. These recipes are quite likely to call for starchy baking potatoes. Vive la difference, y'all!

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