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The Best Uses for Frozen Hard-Boiled Egg Whites

 I had lots of hard boiled eggs from Easter and they were inadvertently frozen in the bottom drawer of my fridge. Can you suggest any recipes to use up a lot of the whites? I usually throw away the yolks (cholesterol fears).

 Hmmm, let's see,… a bunch, a whole bunch, of rubbery egg whites. Who wouldn't want to dine at your house? (Teasing, we're totally teasing! Do not send us email after email telling us how mean we were to the egg-white lady, and that you will never again patronize the companies that advertise on Ochef, and that you will tell all your friends and acquaintances never, ever, to go to Ochef. OK? We've learned our lesson. We're never again going to say anything – even in jest – that might be misconstrued by anyone on Earth as even slightly unkind, as even marginally sarcastic. We've turned over a new leaf – we're only nice. OK?)

In Betty Crocker's New Cookbook, there is a recipe for Thousand Island Dressing that lets you make a lighter version by substituting two chopped egg whites for one whole hard-boiled egg.

In the The Settlement Cook Book, there is an "elegant" variation of the Chicken and Sweetbreads Salad that uses three hard-cooked egg whites. (We're a little concerned, though, that if you don't eat egg yolks, you might be disinclined to attack a plate of sweetbreads, too.)

Finally, in Craig Claiborne's New New York Times Cookbook, he asks you to garnish the 10 to 12 servings of Black Bean Soup with chopped hard-cooked egg whites.

So where does that leave us – 2 whites + 3 whites + 6 whites? (can you stretch it to 8)? We've may have found uses for 11 of your egg whites. Clearly the fact is, there are not a whole lot of recipes that call for only hard-cooked egg whites – previously frozen or not.

Since you're happy to eat whites only, we suggest you look for recipes that call for whole hard-cooked eggs and use only the whites. Potato salad seems like an obvious choice. With enough other ingredients, you may not even notice that the yolks are missing. Faux deviled eggs, with tuna salad or something else savory nestled in place of the yolks seems like another good prospect. There are any number of salads to which you could add chopped egg white for a little extra protein, flavor, and garnish. Really, you could add chopped egg white to almost any salad. Who is going to say it doesn't belong there?

We would actually eat one of the thawed whites first. If it's too rubbery to be palatable, we would probably throw them out and move on to the next meal….

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