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Is Lactose Important to Successful Recipes?

 Can I use lactose-free milk the same way as I use regular milk in recipes?

 It is possible in this great big country that there are producers of lactose-free milk of which we are not aware. And it is possible that one or more of these produce a milk that is not just like all the ones of which we are aware. But those that we know can be used in recipes just like regular milk.

The lactose-free milks that we know of are modified with the addition of the enzyme lactase that breaks the sugar lactose into two simpler sugars – glucose and galactose – that are more easily digested.

Interestingly, the two sugars separated are a bit sweeter than the single sugar, so lactose-free milk tastes slightly sweeter. Because it sells in much lower volume and is often transported farther, lactose-free milk is also generally ultra-pasteurized – pasteurized at a high temperature – so it may have the slightly cooked taste of regular ultra-high-temperature milk or evaporated milk. Depending on what you are making, you may notice the additional sweetness or the slightly cooked flavor, but probably not.

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