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What's with those Newfangled Electric Pressure Cookers?

 I am looking for an electric pressure cooker with timer setting on it, that cooks for a certain number of minutes and cuts off.

 There are several electric pressure cookers on the market that have self-regulating timers.

We are fans of the Spanish company Fagor, which makes an electric 6-quart combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker. It can be used at a low-pressure 5-pounds-per-square-inch setting or the standard 9 psi. There is a browning function that heats up quickly and can be used for sautéing or browning items. You can delay the start of cooking for 8 hours whether using it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or rice cooker, and it will switch to a keep-warm mode for up to 4 hours after any cooking program.

There are similar products on the market from various manufacturers, that range in capacity from 5 quarts to 8 quarts and are more or less in the same $100 to $150 ballpark.

Obviously you can't leave foods that would spoil in any cooker during a multi-hour delayed start, but if you plan carefully, you can gain a lot of flexibility if you master the use of these timer settings.

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