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Where Can I Find Cake Meal Year-Round?

 I live in Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. I cannot find "cake meal" – all the supermarkets tell me that I can only get this product near the Passover holidays. Please, if you know, please tell me where I can purchase cake meal.

 Most supermarkets will not dedicate much or any shelf space to items that don't sell at certain levels throughout the course of the year. You can't find Halloween candy in April, for instance, and you can't find the foods most associated with Passover in August – in general.

Certainly some markets located in areas with substantial Jewish populations are going to carry some kosher items throughout the year. It may be worth your time to call a dozen of the closest supermarkets to ask if they have what you need – it's not like you're off the beaten path (your county has a greater population than our whole state (Maine)).

Major products will be available online throughout the year, though the shipping costs for a little matzo meal may be hard to swallow.

If stored in a dry, "temperature-controlled environment," you can keep commercial matzo products for two years or more, so – although this might not help you right now – when Passover rolls around, stock up! Buy enough to tide you over until Passover next year.

Finally, if you can find matzo bread anywhere, you can grind your own cake meal.

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