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The Hidden Beauty of a Black Easter Egg

How do I color Easter eggs black?

What a happy thought! Dear little children running through the yard looking for Addams-family-inspired eggs. Actually, we assume you are using the black color as a dramatic backdrop for even more creative decorating ideas. If that is the case, we can be induced to help.

There is black food color on the market, but even that is only going to get your eggs to a dark gray. There are products on the market that mimic black air brushing, but that doesn't really get the eggs very black, either.

If you seriously need black-black-black eggs, we would spray paint them black. The eggs would not be edible at that point the shells are porous, and who knows what awful chemicals would seep through! But you would have a black black.

You would have to be good about ensuring that any little darlings did not sneak off with their black eggs and try to eat them. In our experience, if you give them lots and lots of candy, they will show no interest whatsoever in eating hard-cooked eggs, however magnificently decorated.

Also keep them away from pets.

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